Custom Furniture Maker in Los Angeles, CA

Everyone wants custom furniture pieces that convey who they are. One can spend months searching for the perfect piece that reflects their style and sensibilities. Why spend all this time searching for this elusive dining or living room piece when Rene Guzman Studio will provide a wide array of custom furniture design options to fit your lifestyle and taste. More than anyone else, we can fill your home with the custom furniture that you will be sure to love. The reason is simple. You design it!

Custom wood furniture and elegant designer pieces that are timeless, exotic, and most importantly, a realization of your personal inspiration. Rene Guzman Studio's serves as your direct link to our highly skilled artisans, and lets you build upon decades of design and experience as a renowned custom furniture maker.

As the pinnacle of designer custom wood furniture, we serve as a seamless blend of Old World craftsmanship and individual expression. Rene Guzman Studios pulls from an extensive product line of time-honored classics, including custom dining tables, elegant bedroom pieces, uniquely stylized custom coffee tables, and many more designer pieces ready to customize.

All the classic Rene Guzman Studio techniques are at your disposal; from the highest quality accent materials, to painstakingly inlaid accents, to ornate and exacting wood and painted finishes: all are infinitely customizable and can be viewed immediately within our catalogue. Reach out to our custom furniture maker in Los Angeles, CA today.