Antique Furniture Restoration in Los Angeles, CA

Rene Guzman Studio is a complete facility that specializes in the refinishing, repairing and restoration of antiques, heirlooms, fine furniture and about anything in wood.

Our main goal in restoring your antiques is to preserve value. Allow our professional staff to restore your antiques to their original and beautiful condition. We offer to make your piece resemble a new piece or give it a well-valued "patina," which still retains the look of a well-preserved object while maintaining its character and functionality.

Our staff uses a chemical, which turns the lacquer into a liquid to allow it to reattach and bond back with the wood, retaining its original value while giving it more functionality for everyday life.

We have been established for many years and operating in the greater Los Angeles area. We can honestly say that we have never let any job leave the bench until we are proud of it. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and a long list of pleased patrons is our personal endorsement. Trust is vital to us, and we approach each piece of furniture as if it were our own.

We encourage you to call us for antique furniture restoration needs in the Los Angeles, CA area.

On-Site Touch-Ups

Minor touch-ups are not necessary for light dents and scratches that do not require a major refinish or restoration. We offer in-home touch-up work for small projects only, due to the chemicals used in the restoration process.